Choosing a wedding cake designer

Choosing your Wedding Cake should be an exciting experience. Find and book your supplier in the early stages of your planning, perhaps a year in advance, and try to find someone who can take your ideas and transform it into your dream cake. Be sure to taste a variety of flavours of their products to help you decide what cake you would like your guests to enjoy on the day.

These days most Brides prefer different flavours of sponge cake, but remember your older guests will appreciate a more traditional fruit cake, so think about having at least the small tier in fruit for them. After all, you’re not eating the whole cake yourself! Or you can choose a lighter version of a fruit cake that is not heavy but light in texture, moist and full of flavour.

Check if any of your guests have a food allergy if so a cake designer can supply small individual cakes to meet their requirements. Your guests will be appreciative that they have included in the cake ceremony.

An intricately designed cake with handmade sugar flowers can take as long to make as your dress and this will be reflected in the cost, so if you want something elaborate be generous with your cake budget; around £400+.  However, plain and simple cakes can look stylish and elegant and should be available at a reasonable price.

Your wedding cake is one of the most important features of the day. It could combine the colours and themes of the day be matched to your flowers or venue decoration and be a masterpiece created and designed specifically for you and your day. By choosing the right designer and building a relationship with them throughout your planning you will not only have a cake that looks wonderful, but tastes delicious too.

Plan a cake which is suitable for your venue. If you are having your reception in a marquee you need to be sure the floor will be stable and firm if you want your cake on pillars. A chocolate cake in a marquee on a hot summer day can have wow-factor for all the wrong reasons! Your cake designer can help guide you and should ask all the right questions during the consultation.

When deciding where your cake table is to be located, check its surroundings to see what will be included in the photographs. Fire extinguishers, radiators or the bar do not make a good background!


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