Wedding Cake delivery day

Wedding cake delivery day.

This is the day you have been waiting for after many months of planning and while you are getting into your finery and looking forward to the day I am getting ready to take your cake safely to your venue for you and your guests to enjoy.

You will have already seen your cake at your viewing. Once you have checked everything is just as you wanted it your cake will be lovingly wrapped and boxed ready for the journey. Loose decorations and finishing touches are packed separately along with a fixing kit to complete the decoration onsite once the cake is in place. I always take extra flowers in case of any breakages.

The drive to the venue will be steady and extra careful over any of the harsh speed bumps to be found at many venues! I will always have the number of a venue in case it is new to me and I need help finding it or gaining access when I get there.

It will have been discussed beforehand if you want the cake displayed on a stand or have any special requests. I will already have taken the time of your ceremony and know if it is a civil or church ceremony and when the room is going to be free for me to set up your cake.

Before any boxes are taken out of the car I go and find the coordinator for the day and ask where the cake is to be placed, if I know a stand is needed and not in place I will make sure I ask for it to be brought out.

The cake boxes will then be carried carefully in and assembled on the cake table. The room is always a hive of activity with room decorators working their magic along with florists and venue staff making sure everything is ready for your arrival. This is lovely to see, as the rooms look stunning all set up and I see many different styles and decorations. This is where everything comes together to create your perfect day.

Any finishing, piping, attaching of flowers and sprinklings of glitter are then done until your cake is completed and looking fabulous awaiting your arrival. If I know it is going to be a while before you arrive in the room I always leave a loose cover over the cake for the venue staff to remove just before you arrive.

If you are having a civil ceremony and the same room will be transformed for the reception I won’t be able to set up the cake in its place but have to do it behind the scenes and leave it to the venue staff to place on the cake table.

I take a photo and let the venue know any requests or non-edible parts they might need to be made aware of.

Often you want your evening guests to see the cake and do the cake cutting and first dance around the same time. The venue then takes away your cake and cuts it up for everyone to enjoy alongside the evening buffet.

I will leave a box and a bag so if you have any cake left you can always take it home.

I hope you love your cake as much as I loved making it.




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